Sewer and Drain Services in Greenfield, IN

Do you have sinks that won’t drain or toilets that won’t flush right? Clogged drains and
sewer line blockages can cause these kinds of problems. Without help, these can lead
to serious leaks and water damage in your home.

At Muegge Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical, we provide reliable sewer and
drain services. Our company has been helping homeowners in Central Indiana with
sewer and drain problems since 1976.

Quality Drain Cleaning Services

Sinks and pipes in your home can become clogged over time. This stops them from being able to drain as they should, which can cause water to back up and overflow.

Showers and tubs, kitchen and bathroom sinks, and other drains in your home may need drain cleaning from time to time. Our plumbing experts provide thorough drain cleaning to get rid of clogs.

Signs of Clogged Drains

How do you know if you have a clogged drain? You’ll usually notice one or more of the following signs. 

  • Slow draining in your sinks
  • Toilets and other plumbing fixtures getting backed up
  • Musty odors in your drains
  • Water bills that are higher than normal
  • Air bubbles or gurgling noises
  • Frequently clogged toilets
  • Plungers aren’t enough to unclog drains on your own

Common Causes of Clogged Drains
Clogged drains can happen for a number of reasons. Some common causes include:

  • Hair
  • Food scraps
  • Paper products
  • Dirt and debris
  • Grease, fat, or oil
  • Mineral buildup

It’s not always easy to tell what’s causing a clogged drain, but our team has the tools and equipment needed to find the source. We can also unclog your drain line to remove blockages.

Reliable Sewer Cleaning Services

In some cases, simple drain clogs aren’t what’s causing problems with your plumbing. You might have blockages in your main or lateral sewer lines. These can lead to more widespread leaking, flooding, and water damage in your home. Sewer blockages can
also cause sewage to back up into your home, causing serious health and safety risks. At Muegge, we can clean your sewers to remove obstructions and ensure proper plumbing.

Types of Sewer Lines

Your sewer system has main lines and lateral lines. The main lines move sewage from homes or neighborhoods to treatment plants. These lines are usually installed in streets or similar locations.

Lateral lines are smaller pipes that connect your home’s plumbing to the main sewer lines near you. Flushing your toilets, taking a bath, or using your sinks moves waste or debris through the lateral lines to the main lines that connect to your local treatment plant.

Signs of Sewer Line Blockages                                                           

Do you have a simple drain clog or a more serious sewer line blockage? Some signs of sewer line blockages include the following:

  • Foul sewage smells in your home
  • Drains that constantly back up
  • Gurgling noises in toilets or other fixtures
  • Water backs up into showers or tubs when you flush toilets

Our plumbing team at Muegge can determine if you have a sewer line blockage that needs thorough cleaning. This can help prevent leaks and sewage backup from

Causes of Sewer Line Blockages

Why do sewer lines get blocked up? This can happen for multiple reasons, but some of the more common ones include: 

  • Hardened grease
  • Pasta, eggshells, or similar food items in the garbage disposal
  • Tree roots that invade or damage sewer lines
  • Busted pipes

No matter the cause, we can clean your sewer lines and make any repairs that are needed to ensure proper draining and prevent severe plumbing problems.

Sewer Excavation

Excavating your sewer is a complex process that usually involves digging to uncover
your sewer pipes. This allows us to pinpoint a sewer line problem and make repairs or
replace these pipes as needed.

When Do You Need Sewer Excavation?
A sewer excavation usually isn’t needed for any simple repairs to your sewer lines. You
might need this done under certain circumstances, such as the following

  • Building Construction: If you’re having a new home built, this involves having a
    new sewer line installed.
  • Damaged Sewer Line: Severe damage to your sewer line might require sewer
    excavation. For example, tree roots might have broken or damaged your sewer
    line. You’ll need to have excavation done as part of the repair process.
  • Updating Your System: If you’re changing your current sewage system, you
    might need to have sewer excavation done. For example, going from a septic
    system to a public city sewer system might involve installing a new sewer line
    that connects to the main sewer line near you.

You can count on the experts at Muegge for sewer excavation. Our professional plumbers handle this process as safely as possible to prevent damage to your property.

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My ancient AC went out about a week ago I called around to get a few quotes and I am still waiting to get them. I requested a 2nd opion on Muegge Plumbing’s website on 05/23/2018 around 7pm. I received a call from Amy at 8am the following day. By 5pm on 5/24/2018 I had a quote from Zach and the job scheduled for the next day. Today I have a new AC unit installed and working. Every one was very efficient and friendly over the phone and worked to find a solution that worked best. Thank you all so much!

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